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bachelors in human resource management

Top Paying Jobs for a Bachelors in Human Resource Management

A bachelors degree in human resources can be your ticket to a high-paying executive job. Being in HR is a very fulfilling job that will allow you to meet different people, enhance your communication skills, and solve complex workplace problems.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job demand for the HR industry is expected to expand five percent from now until 2024. That’s about the average when placed side-by-side across the different occupations listed below. Surprisingly, the demand for human resources managers—which typically require at least a bachelors degree—for the period 2014 to 2024—is even greater at nine percent.

Earn Your Bachelor of Science in HR Management from an Online School

Almost all online schools offer an advanced degree in HR management. Gone are the days when human resources personnel are limited to just recruiting or firing people. Nowadays, they are an important cog in the organization to:

√ Make sure the right talents are positioned in the right job
√ Ensure organization running smoothly by providing training for employees
√ Bridge the gap between management and employees
√ Pursue policies and strategies to effectively mediate any problems in the organization

What are the Learning Outcomes for Bachelors in Human Resources?

  • Hone your knowledge and learning in HR management
  • Learn how to craft policies related to human resources and parallel to the company’s main objectives
  • Make use of big data and other information for organizational human resource projections
  • Assess individual capacities, spot weak links, and weigh employee performance with company benchmarks
  • Learn best practices and case studies that you can apply in real-life situations

Top Job Prospects for Bachelors in Human Resources

Human Resources Managers – They are basically in charge of a smooth organized workflow of the company. They plan strategies for the welfare of the employees, direct personnel movement, supervise administrative functions, and recruit or terminate workers. The HR executive had a median pay of $106,910 last year.

Compensation and Benefits Managers – Their role is very important in determining how much the value of each worker is. They will factor in industry standards, company revenues, and individual skills of the personnel. Health and insurance are also under their purview. The median pay is $116,240 per year.

Training and Development Managers – Their job is to make sure that effective training is provided to employees to maximize their potential for the benefit of the organization. Apart from the generic training, one-on-one sessions may also be an option after an assessment of the worker’s capability. Median pay is $105,830.

Chief Learning Officer – They ensure that the corporate mission and vision are followed. They also ensure that each cog in the wheel of the organization recognizes their role in fulfilling the corporate goals. The median pay is $103,950 per year. You do need a bachelors in human resources as the foundation for this job.

Headhunter – While it’s very easy to replace rank and file and even middle management, it’s harder to look for qualified CEOs or senior executive positions. This is where the headhunter, or more specifically the executive recruiter, comes in. Median pay is $78,785.

Labor Relations Specialists – They make sure the labor contracts are followed. They will be called upon to interpret management-worker issues regarding wages, union rules, incentives and health care. Median pay is $62,310 per year.

Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists – They determine the salary grade for each type of position within the organization. They will also come up with a comprehensive benefits or compensation structure that will be the handbook of the company. Median pay is $62,080 per year.

Human Resources Specialists – They will be interviewing, recruiting and assigning workers. They may also be called upon to terminate the services of a particular employee. They also train workers to make sure their skills are up to company standards. Median pay is $59,180 per year.

Although there is a range of jobs available once you earn your bachelors degree in human resources, all of the jobs listed above have common foundations. The best HR managers will be able to make sure the employees with the best skills finds appropriate places in the organization, provide training when necessary, help management communicate effectively with employees, and create and review company policies and strategies.