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Student Laptop Deals for the Uninformed – Where to Buy

Most people may not be aware of it, but manufacturers and online merchants typically offer student laptop deals not just for incoming freshmen, but also those who are already in the middle of their university schooling and just need a little help.

Student loans are already a huge burden, so any extra relief in the form of student discounts on laptops would always be welcomed.

Choosing your laptop
While some students can afford to choose a Mac over a Windows-run device, affordability would be the premium measure from which to choose your next laptop, especially if you have no budget.

But aspiring digital artists or graphic designers usually prefer the Mac as their laptop of choice because of the accurate translation of colors from screen to printed paper, as well as niche software that are exclusive to Apple.

The good news is that the Cupertino-based company is also offering college student laptop deals with its Apple Store for Education program. The discount doesn’t just cover the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, but also extends to other gadgets like the iPad, Mac Pro and Mac Mini as well.

For ordinary students, however, choosing the Mac is not an option when a cheaper laptop will do.

Best laptop for college students
The Consumer Reports website lists the best student laptop deals. Below are just some of the sites where you can purchase your next laptop at great prices.

Best Buy – Getting the best deals from Best Buy is as easy as 1-2-3. You do need to create a Best Buy account and then sign up for their student promo deals. Afterward, the coupon will be sent to your email, which you can redeem for a huge discount. For instance, the online merchant is cutting $100 off the total cost on some items.

Dell University – The company is slashing as much as $150 off the shelf price for its laptops. Long-time student customers also get six percent rebate and rewards, or additional 20% discount on its Member Exclusive Store.

Microsoft Education – Microsoft offers 10% off on devices as well as on-demand software. The Windows 10 devices start at just $189, including HP ProBook, Acer TravelMate Spin, Dell Latitude, Lenovo N22 or the HP Stream 11 Pro.

HP Academy – You can register for free at the HP Academy and get student discounts on laptops as high 20%. In addition, the manufacturer is also waiving off the shipping costs. On top of that, the program matches potential customers with an expert technician who can make a recommendation on the best laptop for a college student depending on need and budget.

Other manufacturers or online retailers that offer amazing student laptop deals include Amazon, Walmart, DealNews, Lenovo with its Academic Purchase Program, and Sony with its Education Store. You can start from this shortlist and compare each deal. The important thing is to read the fine print because you might be tied down to certain conditions you are not prepared to fulfill.